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How do I know I am in Peri Menopause?
The best way to check if you are in Peri Menopause is to have your hormones tested .
These may need to be repeated as your hormones can fluctuate from one cycle to another. One normal test does not mean you can rule it out.
These tests should also be done  on specific days of your cycle to be conclusive.

Otherwise it is really looking at your symptoms and your age and ruling out any other underlying conditions.

What can I do to help improve my symptoms? 

There is so much I can offer in terms of managing your symptoms , and the options are many and varied.

It is so dependent on what you  are experiencing.

For a comprehensive evidence based approach, please fill in the  registration form , make am appointment to talk to me and we  can put in place a list of what is best for you to do to improve your quality of life and reduce your symptoms.