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What is Menopause?

Menopause is the cessation of our menstrual cycles for 12 months or more , because we have stopped producing eggs (Ovulation), or rather we have actually run out of Eggs . It usually occurs around the age of 45- 51 years of age and follows a period of up to 5 years of Peri Menopause ( see above)
It can also occur following removal of the Ovaries and or Uterus, ( called surgically induced ) or following radiation of chemotherapy ( called surgically induced).
Once we go in to Menopause it is not reversible  but hormones can be given to replace the hormones we stop making  prior to Menopause , or by other methods such as Plant hormones, Nutrition , supplements  or strength training and  many other options  to help our bodies become strong and functioning well.

32% of women spend more time in Menopause than the years prior.

 do I know I am in Menopause?

No Menstrual cycle for 12 moths or more from the age of 40’s to early 50’s
Hormone Blood tests can be helpful if in doubt. These hormones are FSH and LH ( Follicle stimulating hormone, and Luteinising hormone.)
Both of these hormones will be elevated if you are in Menopause.

However absence of periods and taking a menstrual history may be all that is required. Also taking a list of the symptoms being experienced.

What can I expect to experience?

Symptoms may be hardly noticeable to quite troublesome for some women.

However many of these symptoms ease over time without needing any treatment other than changes to lifestyle, Nutrition, and general fitness.

But some things you may experience do a lesser or larger degree are –
Hot flashes
Sleep disturbances
Mood swings
Difficulty concentrating
Bladder problems such as frequency or incontinence.
Joint swelling and pain.


What can be done to help support during Menopause ?
I can show you how to make positive lifestyle changes to look at your general health including ways to improve the following-
Bone and muscle health
Bladder health
Heart health
Brain health
Breast health
Relationship health
Lifestyle health
Hormone support – there are many natural options other than synthetic hormone treatment  for women who either cannot use HRT due to underlying medical conditions, or those of us who do not want to use HRT.